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We are committed to providing our Gamers with the best server on the market, as well as excellent support. Our primary goals are outlined below:-

  • To produce high quality gaming servers to play on
  • To provide well administered game servers and forums with a safe enjoyable atmosphere
  • To provide high quality game server rentals

Network Presence

Network Presence is Quality Interactive Internet Hosting in Australia

Providing custom and professional hosting & co-location for internet servers in Australia.

Network Presence specialises in providing virtualised servers, known as VPS Hosts for customers to have their own operating system on an internet connected host.

Mission Statement

To quote from Men In Black, "The best of the best of the best, sir!". GamingAU believes that the spirit of the community can provide the best public and rented online game servers, with the best Game Admins, on the best Network, with the best Products & Services.

Quoted : Richard of GamingAU & Network Presence

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